Your Challenges Met
“We’ve run businesses ourselves, so we understand the obstacles that you face every day. We want to help, but more than that, we want to become an inherent part of how you successfully do business for the long-term. To the benefit of us all.”

-Chris Chambers, Senior Partner
Increase Top and Bottom Line
Save Money
Bolster Expertise
  • Increase Top and Bottom Line

    Maybe you’re just starting out. Maybe you’re expanding into a new market. Maybe you just want to do better in the market you are in, be it by winning new business or increasing the return on an existing program or product. Sometimes, you need some help.

    It’s not necessarily that you don’t know how. You may be searching for talent, short staffed or you may lack a certain skill. Or maybe it is completely new to you and you could use someone who has been there before.

    We are proven business generators and managers who love new challenges. Your challenges. We’re competitive and we want to win. For you and for us.

    Increase Bottom line
    • Win new business
    • Improve current business
    • Create executable strategies
    • Translate your strategy to successful implementation
    • Comprehensively steer or manage projects and programs
    • Cultivate program controllership
    • Manage corporate and program risk
    • Build team environment of accountability
    • Advice and planning on consolidation, divestiture, merger or acquisition
  • Save Money

    In an increasingly competitive environment, it’s difficult to maintain a full-time team to handle all of your programs while controlling costs. Sometimes, they will all be busy. Sometimes, they’ll all be sitting around waiting for the next project. It’s the nature of your business.

    It’s also no secret that bringing in outside help allows you to better manage these ups and downs and increase operational efficiency. You can buy by the drink, set up a long-term partnership, create a win-win approach or whatever works for you.

    Our goal is to find a mutually beneficial pricing strategy that is tied to all of our success. We will put skin in the game so that if you win, we win. As a result, up front costs are lower than other consulting firms who simply charge by the hour no matter what the outcome.

    Save Money
    • Manage fluctuating workloads
    • Maximize program effectiveness
    • Minimize overhead
    • Success contingent pricing
    • Optimize expenditures on targeted needs
  • Bolster Experience

    Beyond an expanded ability to manage your workforce, you also gain access to experts in the field. It’s an immediate infusion of know-how into your organization that may go beyond your internal capability.

    We’ve won everything from a $10,000 contract to a $5 billion contract, and depending on the situation, they can be equally as important. We’ve managed businesses across multiple manufacturing, research and development and small start-up sites around the world. We’ve set up programs to run efficiently and fixed programs that weren’t right. We’ve worked in industries like defense, aerospace, energy, construction, rail and software. We’ve owned our own small business and we’ve played the big company game.

    You may not be able to hire people with our background and experience to a full-time position in your organization, but you can still gain the benefit of that knowledge. We won’t just stand on the sidelines, either. We will go to work and give you everything we’ve got.

    Bolster Experience
    • Augment existing capabilities
    • Trusted industry experts with breadth of capabilities
    • Senior cross-functional leaders with domain experience
    • Wealth of lessons learned
    • Rapid deployment
    • Short-cycling of engagement