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“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.”

– Robert Louis Stevenson
Our Foundation
Areas of Expertise
Working With Your Business
Business Templates
  • Our Foundation

    We are good at...

    • planning for relevancy
    • winning the right business
    • driving accountability in and risk out

    …to create profitable and predictable performance.

  • Areas of Expertise

    Business Planning, Positioning and Strategy
    • Portfolio Shaping
    • MA&D Support
    • Strategy Analyses and Stress Testing
    • Marketing Planning (6 Ps)
    • Life Cycle Management
    • Senior Management Mentoring
    • Multi-Generational Planning
    Business Winning

    • Capture Management
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Pricing Strategies
    • Proposal Management
    • Program Planning
    • Industrialization Planning
    • Engineering Project Management
    Business Execution

    • Program and Risk Management
    • Problem Resolution
    • Engineering Project Management
    • Manufacturing and Operations Management
    • In Service Support Management
    • Root cause and corrective action
    • Cost and Earned Value Management

    Across our Senior Partners, Partners, and Associates, we have the overall depth of knowledge and experience to help you in any of those areas. Unlike some niche-consulting firms, this breadth of experience allows us to take an holistic approach, not an isolated task approach. Whether we are engaged across the whole program or focused on one aspect of it, we never lose sight of the overall goals of your business. Even our focused attacks have a positive effect that reach out beyond one specific activity.

  • Working with Your Business

    What are some ways to bring us into your business as consultants?

    The Skip 

    Milestone Engagements

    You can use us at multiple key points across the business or individual program lifecycle – working side by side with you and your staff – to help reach milestones. While this kind of engagement might not be a deep dive, much like a stone skipping across the water, there are multiple ripples.

    The Toss 

    Project/Program Engagements

    You can use us in a particular phase or aspect of your business or program – working side by side with you and your staff – to help reach a specific milestone. Much like a stone being tossed into the water, we participate in the whole arc of that phase, making a splash at the end.

    The Kerplunk 

    Focused Engagements

    You can use us to help complete a specific task working side by side with your staff. Much like a large stone being dropped into the water, this is a deep dive with an immediate, large splash.

    The Cannonball 

    Managed Engagements

    While we love complimenting your staff, sometimes everyone is just too busy. If that’s the case, forget the stone. We’ll dive right in ourselves. Now, we’re always going to be hands on and involved, but if you really need to offload a particular task or an entire program and let us run with it, we’ve got it.

  • Training

    CrossBridge Group combines industry-accepted best practices with the internal knowledge employees need to do their jobs better. In most training courses, people bring back a certificate and not much else. The goal should be to return with a greater capability to perform in your world. It should be to bring back skills and knowledge necessary and essential to your continued existence and effectiveness.

    Courses are available for audiences ranging from the Department of Defense, federal civilian agencies, and state governments top private industry. We do not offer generic open-enrollment courses. Instead, we specialize in tailoring on-site training for each agency or private-sector firm. Training is current, relevant and learner centered. It is focused on an interactive education experience that includes premier reference sources, senior level subject matter experts, current case studies, and applied reasoning activities.

    Courses include:

    Acquisition and Contracting Training and Consulting Courses for acquisition managers; subcontract managers;engineers or technical managers in complex programs; government and industry counterparts in acquisition systems; contracting, legal, and financial specialists; and requirements generators. Courses are designed to educate acquisition managers on the context, processes, legal constraints, and analytical systems needed to succeed in complex contracts.

    Project Management Certification Training Series for program and project managers; other team members with leadership responsibility; technical team leaders; functional managers with employees assigned to project teams; managers of project managers; and IPT members. It is an empowerment program providing project managers with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully manage projects using proven project management processes. Curriculum has been specifically targeted for personnel who are on the project manager career development track, but can also help others. It is also instrumental in assisting you to achieve PMI® PMP® certification. However, its greater purpose is integration and improvement of project management performance and focus on controlling the outcomes of daily work and mission success.

    Rapid Project Planning Workshops for intact project teams. Using project-specific documentation, actual contracts, internal policies, and real-world constraints, our experienced facilitator guides project members to build a valid foundation for reduced risk and successful outcomes. These short, focused learning and practice sessions expand the participants’ knowledge of project management while also contributing directly to the success of the enterprise.

    Human Capital Management Training for program and project managers; executives concerned with legacy and succession planning; all personnel desiring enhanced access to career paths reflecting leadership development; engineers or technical managers with interest in the human capital pressures; and government and industry counterparts in human capital. The human capital management discipline addresses directly the succession planning crisis looming in long established enterprises today. These courses are designed to provide senior and junior executives alike the tools necessary to distribute current and archived knowledge throughout the organization.

    Knowledge on Demand Systems for busy managers and executives who require access to targeted knowledge topics delivered through mobile and virtual media. Technology-enabled learning platforms deliver access to information 24/7 through virtual live interaction and through self-selected research centers. In addition, virtual resource groups enable peer-to-peer interaction and knowledge sharing in condensed time formats for maximum value.

    Earned Value Management Training for government managers, lead contractors, and other IPT members who gather and report data. Our trainers are program planning and control/Earned Value Management System practitioners, not theorists. Courses are designed to teach you how to analyze EVM information in order to take timely management actions, improve project performance, more tightly manage schedules, and enhance calculations of Estimate-at-Completion.

  • Business Templates

    Staring at a blank piece of paper? Need somewhere to start? We offer templates and outlines for a variety of business tools including, but not limited to:

    • Program Management Plans
    • Risk Registers
    • Capture Plans
    • Proposal Management Plans
    • Marketing Plans
    • Communications Plans
    • Manufacturing Plans
    • Quality Plans

    Contact us at to find it if we have what you need and for pricing.