Why CrossBridge Group
“Consulting companies often offer what sounds like the same services, so what makes one more effective than another is the quality of the people doing the job and their willingness to truly be a part of your team.”

-Brian Gressler, Senior Partner
Values and Philosophy
Innovative Pricing
  • People

    Our approach only works with good people executing it. We are proven business professionals with demonstrated performance managing everything from multi-billion dollar enterprises and programs to small businesses.

    This starts with our Senior Partners, who bring a combination of skills and experience bound by shared beliefs. We don’t all do the same thing, but we have the same goals.

    It also extends out into our wider network of partners and associates.

    On any job, we build a team of subject matter experts to fill required roles, wherever you need them, short-term or long-term. This flexible approach allows us to offer a wide range of technical expertise while keeping our costs to you as low as possible.

    The Senior Partners are:

    Chris Chambers

    Chris Chambers

    Chris Chambers is a perceptive, dynamic, inspirational and effective business leader, widely experienced across the spectrum of +$1-2 Billion, multiple site, complex businesses to entrepreneurial start-ups and Board leadership. His proven record includes the ability to develop highly effective strategy, business shaping, performance and growth delivery with a strong history of delivering top and bottom line enterprise improvement. He has a demonstrated ability at successfully implementing business turnarounds and innovative growth.

    Brian Gressler

    Brian Gressler

    Brian Gressler is a capture and business winning expert with over $10B in government and commercial wins. He applies broad technical understanding and ability to quickly assimilate information for clients with a wide array of technical products ranging from medical devices to software and from armored vehicles to the International Space Station.

  • Values

    We live by our values.

    • Build trust through integrity and professionalism
    • Have the courage to be honest, constructive and innovative
    • Fairness in every relationship and activity
    • Deliver results


    We have a simple approach. Do a good job for you and be respectfully honest. For us, the best business is repeat business, and no one wants to work with someone who doesn’t get results or who is unpleasant. The hours might get crazy, but it should always be fun to see tangible, positive results.

    That means embedding and engaging with your organization to understand you, your products, and your customers and do real work. It also means working hard to gain your trust on our dime. Unlike some consultants, we are not auditors or critics who sit on the sidelines and say what’s wrong while pushing a cookie cutter solution. We:

    • Help you to define and plan for success by drawing upon our own history across multiple enterprises and industries combined with an ability to quickly understand the unique nature of your business.
    • Actively participate in achieving that success by either generating products ourselves or helping your staff learn and grow so that they can do it themselves.
    • Are honest and fair, not afraid to speak the truth, but not critical without offering a real solution.
    • Understand the whole business lifecycle; we can participate in the whole program or just one part of it, taking the impact of our actions across your whole business into account regardless.
    • Are competitive and want to win as much as you do.
  • Innovative Pricing

    We aren’t afraid to back up our performance by putting some skin in the game. Many consultants charge a straight hourly rate, so they get paid no matter if you succeed or not. As a result, their success is not tied to your success. That’s not us.

    We are ready to discuss innovative pricing and contracting solutions that make sense for us both and that help to build a long-term relationship in which we are equally motivated. That could include milestone incentives, lower up-front fees in exchange for a percentage of the winnings or savings or an ongoing engagement.

    We will work with you to come up with a solution that is good for everyone.

  • Customers

    The easiest business for us to get is repeat business. Doing so requires not only getting results, it also means that we all have to enjoy working together. It means that there has to be trust, respect, and even some fun. We are a part of your business and are invested in your success, and we prove ourselves every time we work together. That's true the first time and it's true the hundredth time.

    Read what some of our customers have said about their experience with us:

    "I learned a lot from you...you make my job fun."

    "I have appreciated your guidance and honesty during your time here with us. Its been a pleasure."

    "Thank you...making the tough decisions is never easy. Your wisdom far out ranks all the rest."

    "You have remained a consistent voice of reason and confidence"

    "It has been a pleasure to work with you...you are a true professional."