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“Our mission is to evolve the modern business construct of ‘team’ by offering an external ability to augment world-class organizations, bringing our resources … our experiences … our processes … our people to bear to accelerate efforts and improve the outcome.”

-Matt Burke, Senior Partner
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    Solving complex problems requires people. People that are functional experts, that are learning experts, that collaborate, and that diligently apply their skills to completion and success. Herein lies the quandary facing today’s leaders. How do they build and maintain a high-performance, cross-functional culture of inclusivity and engagement while optimizing their cost model? Finding a method to bring to bear the right skills and experience on an ‘as needed’ basis has become the new Holy Grail.

    In this construct, we are always looking for new partners and associates to expand our capability or grow an existing expertise. Whether you or your company has a complimentary skill set or even if it sounds like we do the same thing, our business is built on our access to qualified, good people to work with. This omnibus approach augments your business generation efforts by offering a more comprehensive capability to our mutual customer base

    If you would like to discuss working with our clients and us, we’d love to talk.

    If you would like to discuss directly bidding on government or commercial contracts together, we’d love to talk.

    In both cases, we are looking for the same kind of mutually beneficial, trust-based relationship that we foster with our customers.

    If you are a company or individual interested in working with us, please send a message to

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    If you are currently working with us and need…

    • Access to your email
    • Access to a collaborative worksite
    • Payment or invoicing information
    • Something signed
    • Just about anything else

    …please contact our Business Administrator Sharon Heinsohn at (979) 627-7700
    or at